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A treat for your senses...

Only Man

Is to bring couples to the nature awaken your senses in a relaxing ... within a unique, healthy, caring harmony, peace and prosperity.

Modernity, elegance and good taste make the hostel suites a prime choice for a holiday without kids and a new feeling for the senses of those who visit.

Hostel Suites difference to be UNIQUE, DIFERENT AND EXCLUSIVE located in the "Pre-Montseny Natural Park" and presents a collection of entertainment, health, sports, relaxation, culinary delights and activities.

Its privileged location in THE EXCLUSIVE Montseny biosphere reserve, allowing visitors to find their paradise in a privileged environment "in the Montseny mountain".

Hostel Suites offer a unique and exclusive concept of accommodation for adults, ideal for those seeking a romantic getaway and for couples who seek a different hostel in Montseny.

Hostel is an adults-only, which is distinguished by a philosophy of quality reflected in modern and comfortable facilities as well as retail and personal service, which allows fully meet the expectations of guests staying.

Also noted for:

  • Gourmet catering service. (with 48 hours in advance)
  • Private Mini Spa for a maximum of a couple.


  • Six suites rooms.
  • Modern and avant-garde interior.
  • Spacious and bright open spaces.
  • Designed to enjoy the exclusive comfort.
  • All with breathtaking views of the MONTSENY