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A treat for your sences!! 



Is to bring couples to the nature awaken your senses in a relaxing … within a unique, healthy, caring harmony, peace and prosperity.



Like the small Arab doors The entrance to the Suites is a small entrance that goes unnoticed and simple that wants to hide to the outside everything beautiful inside and give privacy to our clients inside our humble hostel of only 6 different rooms.

Difference, originality and good taste make our small hostel suites an ideal option for a holiday without children and is a real treat for the senses of those who visit it.

It is a small, DIFFERENT hostel located in “pre natural park of the Montseny” and that presents a combination of entertainment, health, sport, relax, gastronomic delights and activities.

Its privileged location in the EXCLUSIVE Montseny biosphere reserve, allows the visitor to find their particular paradise in a privileged environment “the mazizo of Montseny”

Hostel Suites, presents a concept of fun, different and exclusive accommodation for adults (except the LOFT suite that accepts children) ideal for those who want to enjoy a romantic getaway or for those looking for a different hostel in Montseny.

An adult-only hostel distinguished by a philosophy reflected in 6 different ROMANTIC ROOMS that present a romantic style with points of arabesque and i lighting as well as a personalized service and detail, all of which allows to fully meet the expectations of customers who visit it.

Also noted for:

  • Gourmet catering service. (with reservation of 48h)
  • Mini private SPA for maximum one couple in sessions of 40 minutes.
  • Six different and charming rooms
  • Romantic.
  • Romantic corners and open spaces.
  • Designed for a different evening.
  • All with stunning views of MONTSENY